CSUF Pre-Dental Society Alumni

Congratulations to our CSUF alumni who are on their way to reaching their career dreams! If you are a California State University Fullerton alumni and have started Dental School, a Master's Program, Post-Baccalaureate Program, or PhD. programs, let us know!

Manny Gluckman - CSUF Alumni 2013
Gurpreet Singh - CSUF Alumni 2014
Matt Siracusa - CSUF Alumni 2014

Jake Bergara- CSUF Alumni 2016

Esteban Gallegos- CSUF Alumni 2015

Alec Garoian- CSUF Alumni 2016

Teresa Nguyen - CSUF Alumni 2016

Jeff Tatarin - CSUF Alumni 2015

Ryan Nguyen - CSUF Alumni 2016

Jenney Huynh- CSUF Alumni 2016

Andrew Najem - CSUF Alumni 2016

Pierre Tafesh - CSUF Alumni 2017

Hoss Rohani - CSUF Alumni 2013
Skyler Schubel- CSUF Alumni 2014

Sebastian Lucar - CSUF Alumni 2016

Christopher Nano- CSUF Alumni 2016
(Master's in Dental Public Health Student (MPH-D))

Evan Chang - CSUF Alumni 2014

Jonathan Shapiro - CSUF Alumni 2014

Kevin Tran - CSUF Alumni 2014

Victoria Yang - CSUF Alumni 2016

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