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What exactly does the CSUF Pre-Dental Society have to offer?

 Membership in the Pre-Dental Society is open to everyone. Students from any major may join as long as they are full-time, with regard to their student status. Our general meetings are very informative and cover a wide range of topics including:                                     


  • Weekly meetings that cover a wide range of topics:        


           -Dental School Admissions

            -Private Practice Dentistry
            -Dental Specialties

            -Research Dentistry

            -Military Dentistry

            -Forensic Dentistry
            -Dental School Application Overview

            -DAT Information Overview
            -Dental School Mock Interview Practice 
            -Dental Speakers
            -Dental School Representatives
            -Basic Dental Hygiene Education


  • Volunteering Opportunities

  • Possible Leadership Opportunities

  • Opportunities to network with Dentists, Dental Students, and fellow Pre-Dental Students

  • Opportunities to make a difference in the community

  • Dental Outreach Program 

  • Dental Peer Mentorship Program

  • Hands-on dental experience

  • Participate in Dental School Programs

  • An opportunity to have a great time and meet new friends

  • Share your interest in Dentistry

  • CSUF Pre-Dental Society Shirt

  • Graduation Stole  (Must meet requirements)

  • Much, much more

    If you are a Cal State Fullerton student interested in becoming part of our organization, please click the application link below, fill out the provided membership form with your information and return it to the Pre-Dental Society's regular meeting or Health Professions Office, (Gordon
     Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 223). 











Both Forms Must be Submitted by April 15th, 2024 for Membership!

Want to know more about the CSUF Pre-Denal Society? Our 2015-2016 executive board have a message to our new interested pre-dental students.
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