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Volunteer Event: Care Harbor Massive Health Clinic!

Hello Pre-Dents! There is a massive dental clinic being held at the L.A. Sports Arena. This is where the underserved community come to seek medical, dental, and vision care. In which they haven't seen a health care professional in many years. Care Harbor provides free medical, dental, and vision costs totally free for them. I highly recommend all of you pre-dents to volunteer at this event in which you can document this experience in the volunteering section of your AADSAS dental school application.

CARE HARBOR VOLUNTEER EVENT!!!! When: OCT 17-18, 2015 Time is based on desired shift. WHERE: LA SPORTS ARENA 3939 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, California 90037 United States Description: CARE HARBOR: "A destination and a gateway" Care Harbor provides free medical, dental and vision care to the uninsured, underinsured and underserved in our communities. For those who live without access to the care they need, our clinic events are a destination for help and hope." *check out the website and get inspired to help others in need! To register: Directions: 1. Click Volunteer Tab 2. To the left click "click here to volunteer" 3.To the right click register now 4. Please type in your email and click either "general volunteer" or if you are dental assistant/hygienist click "dental professional volunteer" 5.Continue to fill out and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Also, please sign-up in the google spreadsheet so the PDS board can decide who need carpools and also for those that volunteers in this event that we can credit you for your PDS points. **Please take advantage of this opportunity!!!** 2 PDS Points!

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