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Our Mission...

The mission of the Pre-Dental Society at Cal State University of Fullerton is to serve and mold competitive Pre-Dental students interested in the field of dentistry.


The Pre-Dental Society's primary mission is to serve CSUF students interested in pursuing dental related fields. We provide students with the necessary tools to have a strong and well rounded competitive dental school application by integrating students into volunteering, shadowing, educational opportunities, guidance, and support.


The executive board of the CSUF Pre Dental Society has committed themselves in serving you all the dental information for your knowledge in how to be a competitive dental applicant and also to provide opportunities for pre-hygiene/pre-dental students to be involved and to grow within this student organization. We will guide you in hopes that you gain the knowledge that dentistry is the right health profession for you in the future.


If you have any questions relating to dentistry or your journey as a pre-hygiene/pre-dental student, feel free to contact any of the executive board officers and we will do our best to assist you.


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