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Dental Education Outreach


The CSUF Pre-Dental Society Club establishes a program called the Dental Education Outreach Program. We are actively involved in engaging early youths throughout the community in learning about dental and nutritional health.  We believe that early health awareness is integral to a sustained healthy living. Our program emphasizes preventative care in addition to maintenance of proper oral hygiene education to children. 

In this program, we offer children (ages 5-8 yrs old) of local elementary schools, and after-school programs the chance to learn about proper oral hygiene. Several times a semester, we as a club will go to elementary schools to perform a presentation – composed of skits, demonstrations using dental models, a segment/presentation on nutrition, as well as hands-on activities – to teach the younger generations of our community how to make a healthy habit of caring for their teeth and gums. Furthermore, to allow them to put what they have learned into practice, we give each child a “care package” containing a toothbrush, mini-tube of toothpaste, and floss to take home. We hope that by engaging young students in these presentations, we are catalyzing a lifelong habit of good oral care among the younger generation. 


Benefits and Learning Outcome for CSUF PDS Officers & Members:

1. Great learning aspect and a skill in interacting with children.
         -Will be interacting children as patients in your dental practice when you become future dentists in the 
         -Possible career choice into specializing into Pediatric Dentistry in the future.

2. Develop your leadership skills through teaching children in elementary schools in providing preventative 
dental health education.
         -Will constantly be educating future patients in preventive dental education through your 
          dental career in the future. Great Practice.


Benefits and Learning Outcome for Children:

1. Learning how to make a healthy habit of caring for teeth, gums, and overall health.

CSUF Pre-Dental Society Chapter - Student United with America's Tooth Fairy

Students United with America's ToothFairy (SUAT) offers community outreach opportunities to the next generation of health professionals. With help from America’s ToothFairy, you’ll have the fun and engaging tools needed to provide oral health education and prevention forat-risk children and their families in your community.  

"Students United with America's ToothFairy provides an opportunity for students to get involved in oral health care for children at an early stage of their career.  Students are in a position to take action in caries prevention and address oral health disparity for children in underserved communities."
   (Brent Lin, DMD, Associate Clinical Director, Division of Pediatric Dentistry, SUAT Advisor, Pre-Doctoral Pediatric Dentistry Program, University of California San Francisco)


*Effective Fall 2015, the Cal State University Fullerton Pre-Dental Society joined America's Tooth Fairy in order to teach children around the community the importance of oral

health and oral hygiene Practices.


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