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Welcome to the CSUF Pre-Dental Society!

Hello Fellow Pre-Dents! My name is Chris and welcome to the pre-dental society official page. This is where we will be posting recent news of anything dentistry related activities and future dental events. We hope you will be able to join us as a regular member to the Pre-Dental Society as we will be providing you the tools and resources in becoming a competitive dental applicant. We are here to support you and help you on your path to dentistry. Feel free to come up to us and we will guide you as much as we can. Welcome to the Pre-Dental Society Family!

Pre-Dental Society Executive Board 2015-2016

Left to Right:

Peter Tafesh (Historian), Ghenna Kisswani (Social Coordinator), MIchael Lien (Secretary), Jazmin Ocon (NSM Inter Club Counsel Rep), Christopher Nano (President), Daisy Gonzalez (Dental Outreach Coordinator), Sebastian Lucar (Vice President), Tammy Winger (Publicity Coordinator), Peter Hoang (Volunteer Coordinator), Kristine Javier (Treasurer), Jake Bergara (Fundraising Coordinator)

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